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Tracedex is the leading guide to finding people in the UK. With many free resources, and selected fee based services, you will find a comprehensive index of searches and information useful for locating people.

In addition to the many free people search resources located in the guide, you may also make use of the people search registry, a completely free service. The free people search registry offers you the opportunity to post messages about whom you are seeking and become proactive in your search. A messaging system allows you to make contact with others privately. You can also search the registry for those you are seeking, and even post messages about yourself to assist those who may be searching for you.

Articles and other important news are available in the articles section, found through the direct link in the upper menu. Here we will be adding content that we hope you will find useful in locating people.

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Originally established in 2006 as ePeopleSearch UK, the site was one of the first local indexes dedicated to helping others find people. In late 2015, the site underwent a name change and modern day transformation to become what you see now – Tracedex.


Tracedex is part of Net-Trace, an online publishing group that has been a leader in online people search globally since 1998. Having helped millions of people over the past 17 years, we hope we can help you as well.