ePeopleSearch Launched

ePeopleSearch has been developed to make finding people in the UK simpler and easier than ever before. Unlike its predecessors, ePeopleSearch aims to provide a truly comprehensive overview of the many many ways you can use the internet to search for people.

Rather than just list the basic large scale sites you find in most articles and link directories, we delve deeper bringing you new sources and specialised ways of searching for friends, family and other people you want to locate.

To assist your cause, we’ve also added a forum / registry where you can be pro-active in your search, and also help others in the same boat. From time to time we’ll be adding articles that we hope you’ll find useful and aim to provide a better insight into the variety of ways you can find people.

Right now we’re just getting started, but there’ll be plenty more on offer as we build up the site, so be sure to bookmark us and visit again.


NB: This article was originally published in 2006 before our name change to Tracedex.