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More than just a title! These online people searches are all completely free. In a day and age where digital media and companies are doing everything they can to line their pockets, you’ll enjoy using these powerful tools at no charge. It’s the most comprehensive Free People Search UK collection online!

We established our original public UK site in 2006, and there have been many changes along the way, both with the internet and the website. But for 13 years we have stuck to our original mission which was to help people find people for free.

How to search?

Each profile you find is a useful source for searching for a person. Not each one will be useful to everyone, but they can prove useful to some. Visiting one will give you an insight into how it works, any tips and tricks, and additional information that may prove useful. Each data-set is maintained by an external company or organisation and they are responsible for its upkeep, accuracy and maintenance.

Start with the information you have on hand and select a free people search that offers you the best opportunity to find the person. Visit and put it to use. If you do not find what you are looking for, use your browsers back button to return and find another. When you are performing a difficult trace, it can be useful to record each one you have completed.

Members can use the save feature to keep a record of all searches they have completed. It is also handy to maintain a list of the best free searches so you can find them again easily.

Think outside the Box

If you are having no luck during a people trace, consider looking for neighbours, friends, relatives and associates that may still have contact. One of these can lead you directly to them or at the very least provide a means of contact.

The Best Free Online People Search in UK

With a population of over 60 million and some two thirds having a presence online, it’s not hard to see why an online search can be successful. The best ones are those with the highest chance. These include social media, search engines, phone books and public records such as electoral rolls. The first few are free; the others often have both free and premium options. Take advantage of those with the highest numbers of people that won’t cost you a cent.

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