Premium People Search

Certain types of people search records and searches attract a premium. These are fee based and require payment before disclosing any form of useful details. Some provide an excellent means of finding someone in the UK. Premium sources come in a few different styles.

Pay by Search or Record

This style of premium people search is where a fee is required to conduct a search or access a record. This is not time based and will only allow access to the number of records you have paid for. If you get a hit this can be a cost-effective means, however if you don’t find a record and need to take a different approach this can add up quickly.

Pay for Access

This is a time-based subscription to a premium service. Pay for a week, month or longer and receive unlimited access to records and searches. If you are an Investigator or tracing multiple people, this can be an excellent low cost means per person. Those in the general public will need to weigh up their needs and likelihood of finding a match versus the cost.

Pay for Registration

Many of the contact registers require a one-off registration fee. This is common with adoptee and birth family tracing to cover the administrative costs associated with the registration. As they provide the most direct means for contacting a birth relative should they also wish to reconnect, the fee is simply a means to an end.

Premium People Search in UK