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If you’re trying to reconnect with an old buddy, family member or school friend, Tracedex is here to help. It’s not always enough to run a quick social media search and find the person you are looking for. Some don’t want to be found, some don’t use social media. There’s a myriad of reasons why.

You’ll find many ways of conducting a people search online, hundreds in fact. All have their benefits whilst not always being relative to each case. But we believe it’s better to have them at your disposal for when they are needed.

In our resources section you will find many records searches. Some specific, some not. Knowing what you do about the person you are looking for, apply that to what may be most relevant in your search. Once you start your people search, take notes along the way, in difficult cases you don’t want to be doubling up. Any lead you find, follow it further. Take it offline if needed. And don’t forget many people have family and friends. These can be great leads if you can find them online.

You’ll find additional information within the articles section as we continue to develop the site, so be sure to check back again.

All the best with your search.