UK Meta People Search

Search for people in the UK and worldwide using the Meta search. Enter a name below:

How does it work?

The UK Meta People Search is performed using Google technology. Rather than search all of the web, it searches only carefully selected sites that can provide results with people. Social Media pages such as Facebook and Twitter are searched as well as some specialist registers. Where ever possible, we have attempted to narrow the results to the United Kingdom only. This is not always available with major sites however, so some results may be from abroad.

Enter a name and search. If the results are too broad, try narrowing your search by adding a city or other topic associated with the person you are trying to find. There is no strict means of searching with this tool, so add what you want and search how you want.

Why Use the Meta?

This is a tool to save you time and energy. Rather than search each site one by one, you can search them altogether. This can help cut out a lot of irrelevant results and zone in on precisely whom you are looking for.

The Meta will also search the contact register on Tracedex.

You can also find other online meta searches in the email and internet people search¬†area. Many of these have the United States as the primary source for information, especially when it comes to public records, so be wary of this when offered “premium public records”.

What is Tracedex?

Tracedex UK is a means to an end. We help you find and reconnect with people that may be missing from your life. There are many ways we do this, through the contact register, hundreds of useful searches, the meta tool, information and more. We are here to help!

Good luck with your search.