What's in a name?

New site, new name, new approach..

Back in 2006 we created one of the first UK specific indexes useful for tracing and finding people online. The original site (ePeopleSearch) was visited and used by millions over an 9 year span. Now in 2015, we’ve relaunched, with an all new look, new name and updated resources and registry.

The resource section provides an index of useful online searches, tools and information that may assist you with your search. The registry enables you to reach out and help let people know that you are looking for them, whilst our articles vault is your people search knowledge base where you can learn more about finding people in the UK.

We hope you enjoy the new site, but more importantly we hope we can assist you with reconnecting with family, friends, an old military buddy or someone else.

Good luck with your search. Tracedex UK.