Adoption People Search

Throughout the United Kingdom there are people searching every day for members of their birth family. There are many ways of approaching an adoption people search, and it will be based on the information you have at hand.

Adoption Contact Registers

Contact Registers are common place online, and allow adopted persons and birth mothers, fathers and siblings a way to reconnect. They are available to people over the age of 18, and in some places 16.

Official registers do not provide a way for the public to search and can be accessed only through registering one’s own details. Once you have registered, your information will be cross checked against others in the database. If a match is found the relevant parties will be advised and steps taken towards contact.

Private registers often provide a means to search, but not to make direct contact. If you find a potential match through your search, you should follow the instructions set out on site. Often you will need to contact the administrator and they will advise you what steps are next.

Why Search or Register?

There are many people conducting an adoption people search online. The reasons as to why are many and varied. It can be a considerate act to reconnect and may benefit all involved. Important medical history and information may prove beneficial to some. It can answer many questions and provide insight for those seeking it.

Alternatively, if one does not wish for any contact, registering can provide a means of blocking further requests made in your name.

How does Tracedex help?

We are here to help people reconnect. We do this through several means including providing our own free adoption search registry. When it comes to reuniting birth families, we keep an up to date record of alternative ways and means you can use to locate people in the UK. This includes specialist adoption specific tools as well as those for tracing people.

When you search, you are never too sure where you may come across the person you are seeking. As you can see through Tracedex, there is more than one adoption people search register. By knowing different places to look, the chances and possibilities of locating someone increases.

Accessing UK Birth Records

Before you start looking for people, you should always obtain a copy of your birth records. This will provide information vital to your search.

In England and Wales you can obtain access to your birth records if you are over 18 years of age. You may also trace your original birth entry in Scotland and Northern Ireland. This will involve a fee for the copy of the record.

UK Adopted Person and Birth Relatives Search

Adoption Contact Register

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