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Not everyone you are looking for may reside in the United Kingdom. They may have once, but it’s possible they’ve left the country and are currently living elsewhere. If you are getting clues that the person may have moved offshore, or if your intuition tells you it’s possible, it may be time to start considering an international people search. This is not an easy search as you venture into the unknown. Different countries have different laws regarding privacy and some offer little in the way of publicly available information.

It is handy to visit the countries premiere people search site when looking overseas, especially if you have narrowed it down to one specific country. We have included a few excellent international people search websites putting plenty of resources at your disposal.

Did you know?

The internet and email section of Tracedex also contains many useful resources for locating people outside of the UK. It includes useful tools such as social networking sites and their meta searches, as well as email searches. Not all searches are confined within a countries borders so be sure to use any and all means available including social media.

Many of the category specific registries also contain international sections for finding people.


There are a few professional and charitable organisations with a great deal of experience locating people overseas. Commonly these are for specific purposes, such as reuniting families torn apart by war, or to help find children that have been abducted. Depending on your set of circumstances, these can be an excellent service aiding those in need.

Tracedex is here to help you reconnect with lost loved ones, family and friends. We have provided a free people search registry that you may use at any time. It provides a static page searchable by Google with the details you wish to share and opens your chances to a greater audience.

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