Missing Persons

It is important with all missing persons, where you are genuinely concerned, that the issue is reportedly quickly to Police. You can do this by contacting your local police station. If it isn’t an emergency you can contact the 101 non-emergency number and advise them you would like to file a missing persons report. If, however you feel it is an emergency and the person may be at risk, dial 999.

Note that you do not have to wait for 24 hours when someone is missing to report it to police.

It is critical that you take immediate action yourself such as conduct a physical search, look for any clues, check your phone for any contact and contact schools, workplaces and other relevant places to ensure they are missing and not somewhere they are simply not meant to be.

The vast majority of people that are reported missing are found or return within 48 hours. With someone going missing every 2 minutes in the UK, that’s a lot finding their way home. And only 1% remain missing after a year. This may be of little comfort when someone goes missing, but chances are with appropriate action the person will be found.

Missing Persons Registers

There are a few official and supportive registers online for missing persons. These commonly provide in-depth details about the person whom has gone missing and events at the time. The registers are provided to publicise the cases in the hope that someone may have some information leading to their whereabouts. In some cases where identity is unknown the public can provide details as to whom they may be.

Tracedex provides a free missing persons register as well as using social media and other tools to help spread the word. If you feel adding someone’s details to the register would be of benefit, please do so. Also take a look around and see if you can provide assistance on any of the cases already listed.

Missing Persons in the UK