Occupation Searches

When you first consider using an occupation people search to look for someone, it seems to be a bit out of the ordinary. But they can be an excellent source in gathering information leading to finding or contacting a person. They are especially handy when you already know someone’s profession or trade.

Licences and Professional Registrations

From builders to doctors, plumbers to dentists. Many occupations require you to be licensed or a registered member of an organisation. The number of vocations that need to meet such requirements is constantly on the increase making this style of search more useful as time goes by. In addition, they are also handy when conducting background checks.

If you know the occupation of a person, visit the relevant trade or professional registry for that line of work. Enter the name and conduct your search. Some may include initials only fir the first name so keep this in mind and try variations. You will also need to consider how each one is setup as some will remove disqualified persons from the register altogether, some will maintain a separate page, whilst others include them and their status in the results.

Company Contact Registers

Different companies have different approaches to providing staff contact details. Real Estate Agents and the like will nearly always provide a direct means of contact to an agent. Other staff may remain anonymous, it all depends on the structure. If the company publishes contacts directly on their website, Google will be able to point you in the right direction. If they have a database of contacts to contact someone in the firm, this will be a lot more difficult to locate.

Business Registers

Whilst businesses commonly have trading names, some will incorporate the persons name themselves. It is worth the time to run this type of search if the person runs their own business. There are also social sites incorporating business contacts such as LinkedIn.

Job Seekers and Resumes

Each day there are 1000’s of individuals seeking work throughout the UK. It is commonplace nowadays to keep an online resume. Locating the resume of a person can provide you with great insight into someone and also provide a means of contact.

Occupation People Search in the UK