Business Phone and Address Search

Search online directories for the telephone numbers and addresses of businesses in the UK. A business phone search can be an effective means for finding contact details for an individual.

Business Listings for Finding People

When conducting a people search, do not discount the value of business listings. There are many businesses that contain the owners names and these can be found through the directories. For example, private health professionals, tradespeople and instructors quite often use their own names. A business phone search can provide an avenue not considered by many.

With the growth of the internet, business web sites also list staff, or at least the main staff and management often enough to make it worth searching. Try general search engines such as Google for this. Business social networks such as LinkedIn can also provide a valuable insight into finding someone or people that work for a particular business or company. This can be of particular assistance when organising reunions. Directories will often provide you with added details of a business and can be useful for conducting a business phone search.

Business directories often provide little information relative to an individual, however they should be considered as an alternative means of people search, especially if you know of a persons trade or profession.