UK People Search Register

Tracedex provides a free UK people search register online for those looking in the UK for someone. There is no cost to use the contact register however registering as a member is required.

What is the Register?

The UK People Search Register is a place where you can post details of the people you are looking for, whether that be an old military buddy, friends you’ve lost touch with or anyone else you may want to reconnect with. It is set out in categories and you can add any and all details of that may help in your search.

How does it work?

It all starts with you adding information including names, area, years, etc into the people search register. If anyone searches the register, they find the details and can get in contact. Beyond that though, search engines collect the information posted here which greatly expands your reach.

Why Registration is Required

We use a contact system for each listing that allows people to get in touch. To do this without giving away your personal details, we need to keep your email address hidden within the system. Membership also allows you to edit, update and delete the listing should the situation change.

The register is free to all for personal use.

Free People Search Register for the UK

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